Welcome to OpenEDR

EDR is a foundational CyberSecurity technology stack.
Expensive Legacy EDR products limit access to a huge majority of people who need to have access to this technology.

As a result we are providing to the world an Open Source NextGen EDR!

Join our community to make the world a safer place! Literally.

A blessing to be open sourcing EDR…

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thank you @Kinane
Our Dr.EDR has done a very nice video on how to deploy OpenEDR on a Cloud platform.

Please do provide any feedback on the platform or any wishes on how you want to improve it please.

Its a huge community of Cyber Security gurus working together to make EDR available and usable by many.

This is truly a great software addition to my other layers of security for my home lab OpenEDR, this product can handle Enterprise needs as well…A+

Thank you!!

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Thank you @Kinane !
We are building an amazing community here.
I know its a cliché, but this community is making the world a safer place! I love being part of something good and purposeful, plus amazing technology!

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