About "Comodo Dragon Platform"

I have the following two questions.

We would like to build the functionality of the Comodo Dragon Platform in on-premise.
Is there a way to build Comodo Dragon Platform functionality on an on-premise server?

The agent I downloaded from the Comodo Dragon Platform does not appear to include EDR functionality by default, is there a way to install an agent that includes EDR functionality?
(By installing OpenEDR separately as suggested above, the “EDR” section turned green, but in the default state, the “EDR” section does not turn green as shown in the image.)


hi @kueda

as of now there is no on premise solution available for Xcitium Dragon Platform. It is based out of cloud only now.

Also regarding the EDR installation please find the below guide which helps you install EDR via End point manager portal.

Thank you!

Thank you for your response.