About Managed Services Using OpenEDR


Our organization is considering offering EDR managed services using OpenEDR.
We have the following 5 questions

  1. Is it mandatory to sign up for the paid option to use Open EDR’s NGAV functionality?
  2. If so, what is the fee structure?
  3. Is there a limit to the number of managed agents per SaaS instance?
  4. Is OpenEDR resale allowed?
  5. How mutch the minimum guaranteed development duration for OpenEDR?
    (If not stated, no response is required. We are concerned about sudden discontinuation of development.)

If it is inappropriate to ask this question in this location, please let me know the appropriate location.
Apologies for my poor English.

Thank you

  1. NGAV is paid for and is not open source.
  2. please email sales@xcitium.com for NGAV prices
  3. No limit
  4. Yes. You can even have your own White Labelled Open EDR like this https://edr.hackercombat.com/
    we have many partners promoting their own white labelled Open EDR (it is very simple to create, you just provide logo, simple as that)
  5. We are very committed to the success of OpenEDR which has a huge traction in the market place.

You can have a full Managed Detection and Response (MDR) (and XDR) that includes patented innovation that no other cybersecurity company has from Xcitium which has OpenEDR fully baked into their platform.

Thank you for answering.
I am interested in the paid version and will email you to inquire about the price.

Thank you

I found it to be VERY expensive.

thats weird @timbeard
Not sure what you have been quoted etc. (Xcitium cannot be beaten in pricing, its an industry known fact!)
Please ping me so that I can introduce you to the right people with proper pricing.

I was quoted $4.00 per endpoint. I am currently using SentinalOne and only paying $2.50.

$4 includes fully Managed SOC
You are paying $2.50 just for EDR license I belive…
Hope this clarifies…

$4 includes
-Fully Managed SOC (including MDR)
-EDR licenses for storage
-Patented Detectionless protection layer
-Device Management
-Remote control
and more…

(if you only want EDR and nothing else…you only pay for storage which is multiple times cheaper than the $2.50 you are paying. EDR is free because its open source, so there is ONLY storage cost)…

Xcitium’s MSP partners charge upwards of $20 to $30 per device per month for the $4 service (Managed Security Service, rightly so because those MSPs do add great value), (BUT…Don’t forget that $4 is a FULLY MANAGED SOC, that includes all the license fees for everything you need from NGAV, EDR Storage, SIEM, Threat Hunters (people), Malware analysis service etc etc). So they make a crazy margin, keep their customers happy and be compliant with the latest government guidelines, without having to stand up and manage SOC!

and to compare Apples to Apples, what is the cost of your EDR?

I am not in sales dept… (just to make sure …i will provide as much as I can…)
Xcitium provides OpenEDR for free.
The cost of EDR is in the storage of all the intelligence it collects.
The package that has EDR included for Free and has storage is called Xcitium Advanced

this has EDR + NGAV + Patented API Virtualization tech (when detection fails this kicks in)…etc etc…
So this has more than the Sentinelone as they do not have the API Virtualization technology and they rely on “detection” to protect and when detection fails (detection of any sort, from ML, Heuristic, AI, Behaviour, EDR etc etc…) the computer will be infected…
So with Xcitium you will have more and pay less…
I do not have the actual package numbers (as I am not in sales dept), but I know they won’t be beaten in price.

SentinelOne Does cost $2.50 per endpoint but I don’t have to pay extra for storage of all the intelligence it collects.

So I am not seeing the value of your extra charges and what service it would provide me over SentinelOne.

I had asked to see that in the demo but it was not presented that way.

There is NO COST to our EDR.
You can have the open source, put it in ELK and run it, no license cost, no storage cost nothing…Free.

If you want the OpenEDR as part of the cloud service where you don’t have to setup your own ELK etc then the costs will be much less than $2.5 you pay and you will get more for it.
OpenEDR comes under Xcitium Advanced package and is cheaper than S1 and has more security in it.
Or there are other providers who have built a services around OpenEDR as well.

The question is: What do you want to do?
A)have the open source and setup your own ELK? (if so its all free and there is no storage cost etc…just free!)
B)you don’t want to setup your own ELK etc, you want it all ready as a cloud service…

You say I would have to set up my own ELK. What is ELK? This isn’t something I have to do with SentinelOne.

ELK: Elastic Search.

If you want an easy to use, high security platform with NGAV, with ASR (Attack Surface Reduction), EDR and cheaper than $2.50 then Xcitium is the platform.
How much cheaper: their sales people can tell you that.

I have asked for a quote to compare apples to apples (SentinelOne vs Xcitium) but haven’t gotten one yet. They keep pushing the $4.00 per end point version. I am about ready to give up and stick with SentinelOne. It works and the pricing through Pax8 is straight forward.

Hi @timbeard ,

Apologies for the inconvenience. Could you please share your email address and contact details which I could forward to my sales team to reach out to you and assist you better on prices. Also if you already have account with Xcitium, kindly share the account admin email address details.

Thank you!

if we could provide you a full MDR (includes everythign from EDR, NVAG, SIEM etc) for the same price that you are paying for just EDR, would that make it easier?

So instead of paying to get just EDR license…pay the same amount but get a full MDR.

How about you sharing your email address. Then I will email you outside of this forum.

Price sounds good but it all depends on what all is included. I still don’t have a good answer on that.

Detectionless Protection (Patented protection)
Managed SOC (human/service aspect)

its a full MDR with all licenses for EDR/NGAV included.
Xcitium Engineers have to walk you thru so that you can see all the capabilities that comes with it.


And if we just want the storage option, what is the price for that?