All Endpoint Manager functionalities will be disabled

I have a banner in our dashboard that says “All Endpoint Manager functionalities will be disabled in X days due to unpaid bill(s) In order to continue using Endpoint Manager functionalities, pay unpaid bill(s), or add new licenses.”

When I go to License Manager I see a couple of things I have questions about:

  1. I have an item called Endpoint Manager Standard Edition with Infinite Seats and the License Type is Postpaid. Is this what the banner is referring to?

  2. The item Xcitium Open EDR is capped at 500 seats for some reason. I have 698 deployed. In a previous topic I asked if there was a cap and the reply was there is no cap and it would be fixed.

So my main questions are: Should I be worried about my deployed Endpoints suddenly not working in 8 days? and What should be done to resolve this? Or am I missing something?

Thanks for all your help

I have the same questions that you.

I wroted to support to know the features of the free version versus the paid version.

I need to know this information before installing on computers, and the support said me that isnt possible to remove the trial license.

Answered me about prepaid and postpaid options, but incomplete information.


hi @scottfrompa , we aim to fix this issue on 29th of February.
You should not be seeing the banner from now on.

@salvagblo , you can deploy EDR agent to unlimited amount of endpoints and use it without any cost.

Thanks for looking into this for me. Much appreciated.

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