Android EM blocks Facebook per policy but policy says "Allow"

Added my Android to Endpoint Managment and am enforcing the basic Level 1 Android policy. However, Facebook is blocked. EM says that it is blocked by policy. Yet, the policy manager in Xcitium says that the app Facebook is set to “allow”. I have tested another app via blocking and allowing and it works like a charm. Updates in about 2 mins.

hi @robinsonkw , it looks like Facebook is blacklisted globally under Applications → Mobile Applications section. When you check installed applications under device details section (for a particular device), you can override the global setting, to allow (or disallow) a particular app (like this case). Here, the “Verdict” column will show it as “Allowed (Locally)”, meaning that it is globally “Blocked”, but it is allowed only for that particular device.
Here you can find more information about how to blacklist/whitelist mobile apps.

I have checked and both local and global are allowed. I’ve tested other apps like blocking and unblocking and they work fine. Within 2 mins or so the phone updates the action from the console.

I’ve tried blocking both local and globally Facebook for the device and unblocking seeing if that would release it and it does not work.

Hi Robin,

I have opened CS ticket for the issue and escalated the same to the team.

ticket # CS-42508

@robinsonkw please share us the account admin email and device name on EM portal for us to investigate the issue

@robinsonkw We are waiting for your response to get the requested details to proceed further with the investigation