Community Discussion

Here we will discuss about OpenEDR community, how can we expand? Meetups, etc.


We need your contribution more than anything else. There are numerous ways to help this project.

Use it and provide feedback

If you use it, let us know what works and what does not work. Open an issue about it labeling bug, new feature request, open a issue and label it as enchancement


Open an issue label it question, also please help us to answer the question as well

Tell us about false positives

Improve our rules, correct it if necessary, please use similiar as bug/feature request,

Work on open issues

We love pull requests from everyone. Either bug/feature requests, Take a task Fork, clone the repo and submit a pull request


We need extensive testing since we might introduce some bugs to make it open source in hurry, please test it in various platforms and report your findings as issues


We are lack of effective documentation right now, please provide any kind of knowledgebase, case studies, analysis results, etc.

Spread the word

Last but not least, the more people use OpenEDR, the better we will be, please help us by sharing it via social media or any other channels