Data Loss/Leakage Prevention through EDR

I want to ask if openedr supports data loss/leakage prevention functionality? if not then how to achieve this functionality I want to run a dlp software on my linux system. Please help !!!

hi @Deepak ,

Thank you for your inquiry if our EDR security product and DLP. I will get back to you on this.

Hi @Deepak , Open EDR does not have data loss prevention, but the platform offers (by default) a 30 days trial license for Xcitium’s Advanced Endpoint Protection, where you can also benefit from its DLP capabilities.

Hi @ilgaz , I want to ask if openedr open source (GitHub - ComodoSecurity/openedr: Open EDR public repository) contains functionality of dlp , like if I download the source code does I have any chance of getting dlp functionalities.

hi @Deepak , Github version does not have DLP capabilities.