Deploy agent in Suse Linux

Ola! How can I deploy the agent in Suse Linux?

Suse Linux is currently not supported. Our initial release of OpenEDR was focused on Windows, however we do plan on building out the OpenEDR capability to support additional operating systems such as MacOS and Linux.

I am already using the Linux agent in 2 differents distros, Debian and Oracle (RHE), and it seems to be working fine so far. I have some Suse machines that I want to deploy the agent as well.

Can you please provide me the Agent link for linux?

In the Console, go to Assets > Devices > Enroll Device, then choose Linux.

Thank You. Got it. Do we have EDR for linux as it shows only AV?

For linux,the features are limited. :frowning_face:

We are on it though guys…
we will continually improve OpenEDR…
please keep the requests coming in.

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Linux EDR is on the way, April-May we will be ready. Currently we are bringing application whitelisting to Linux using FAPolicy GitHub - linux-application-whitelisting/fapolicyd: File Access Policy Daemon in March.