EDR free for unlimited devices or just first 50?

Can I enroll unlimited devices in Xcitium as long as I am only using the EDR component or even just enrolling devices are free for the first 50 devices?

hi @SpICT , you can enroll unlimited devices with EDR component.

I’m seeing our OpenEDR licences are capped at 500 devices. Everything I’ve seen up till now has said the devices for EDR are unlimited. @ilgaz Do you know why I am seeing this?

Thanks for the reply.
Right now we’re deploying around 850 with a little over 630 deployed right now. And as of this morning I have this message across the top of the Device List and a bill for the devices over 500 sitting in my email.

It’s mostly Defender. The backstory is these devices are mostly fixed income elderly and we help them out. OpenEDR with Defender seems to be a good combo for them at the moment. We don’t charge them anything for what we call our “Basic Protection & Monitoring”. We have alerts and Event Log monitoring set for Defender which shows us most everything thrown at these devices. The alerts in the OpenEDR control panel seem to pick up the items Defender misses (and a whole lot more data). Coupled with our custom alerts, scripts and other assorted goodies they’re pretty well secured at the moment. :metal: :sunglasses: :metal:

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hi @scottfrompa, you shouldn’t be seeing the payment banner anymore. The UI fix is aimed for February 1st.

Thanks @ilgaz
I appreciate it.

I’ve deployed more than 1000s for my employer Spritzer Bhd. It is still running n does not give any head ache yet for now. so far soooooo good!

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It looks like having unlimited OpenEDR devices is over. I received an email stating that April 1, 2024 we’re being capped at 50 endpoints per organization.
If this is true, it leaves us with 3 weeks to decide and deploy next steps, which is not a lot of time. Also there is no link to pricing for going over 50 devices. Just a contact sales email link.

It is open source and is free for unlimited endpoints as long as you host it yourself.
The Cloud Storage and Cloud Management platform for Xcitium is free up to 50. (this has a real cost with storage of all these logs from EDR etc)

Here’s a snippet from the email I received:
“Accordingly, starting April 1, 2024, the free EDR plan will be limited to supporting up to 50 devices per organization”
Screenshot 2024-03-07 114813