Hi! I am having a issue while installing Open EDR's setup. I am having this error :

Screenshot 2023-11-10 224327

I get this error when i try to install open EDR’s .msi file

Hi @Jahanzaib , I just want to confirm, are you using open source EDR agent from github or trying to deploy EDR agent from OpenEDR Platform?

I am trying to deploy EDR agent from OpenEDR Platform. I am following the installing video of OpenEDR on youtube, but in video everything is fine but when i try to install the downloaded .msi file i get error that i mentioned before.

Thank you for the information. Could you please also share the EDR agent version number that you are trying to install?


hi @Jahanzaib , it looks like you are using a customized bulk package. When you customize a bulk package, the system generates the package on-the-fly, where it can not be signed by us, so that is expected. You may deploy agents using signed bulk package, where you won’t see this error, or you can simply follow the guidance to deploy EDR on your endpoints
Step 1:

Step 2:

How do i get signed bulk package? Also i was already following the guidance you mentioned.

Let me try to visually show:



the signed bulk package will not contain EDR agent, therefore you can install it via further steps after you enroll your endpoint(s):


Normally, the link provided in the EDR agent deployment guideline shouldn’t throw such error, we will look into that as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can use above flow to deploy EDR agent to your endpoints.

Wow!!! The explanation or answer is superb.

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