How to Deploy OpenEDR (old)

Can someone help me to setup OpenEDR

Hi have you follow the instructions from here :
what was the issue?

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How to solve this problem? I want to build it

Hi Guys

we have a new version that works with Xcitium Cloud Platform (formerly known as Comodo).
we need your help in providing feedback to see the deployment is easier or what else we can do to improve deployment on this cloud platform. (its different than taking the agent and installing ELK etc)…(there are two ways to deploy…
a)Take the source code, setup ELK and deploy
b)use the Xcitium Cloud Platform with ready made deployment (of course both are 100% free, including cloud management system)

But now we need community’s help!
Help us improve our Open Source EDR for the masses please!

Anyone who wants to deploy OpenEDR.
we now have a Founding Member Sponsor of OpenEDR project providing, for free, OpenEDR certified experts who can help you deploy OpenEDR live!