I need my 2FA reset

I signed up for this some time back, and I guess I did not get the 2FA set up or something?? Anyway, I have not ever been able to log into this, and am really wanting to look into it now. Could someone please help me with this?? I tried the authenticator unavailable link, but since I never actually logged in, that I can remember, I did not get any of my questions set up, so it says… OK Thanks!!

Hi @BOSS ,

Please find the help guide link given below for 2FA . Please go through the same if it helps you with reset of 2FA

Thanks, that worked. I had mine set up to text me, so I changed it.

Glad to hear it worked! if you have any assistance or issue in further you can also drop email to our support team email " support@xcitium.com " or reach out directly to their contact no +18885511531

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One more quick question, how long should the provisioning take?? It has been going for a couple hours now, and still has not made it to the 1st step??

Today we had new release, there might be some intermittent provisioning issue, we will recheck if there are still any hanging requests. Thanks for notification