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I signed up for OpenEDR and enrolled some devices using the xcitium platform. However, when I follow the video and try to add the open EDR package it is grayed out.

how can i get this installed?

hi @tagteamcomputing

could you please share us screenshots of the issue you are facing


The video describes enrolling the device, which I did, and then going to Assets->Devices. Then you select the device and select Install Or Manage Packages and select Install Additional Xcitium packages.

However, when I do this the Install Additional Xcitium packages is greyed out and the tool tip when you hover over it says “Selected devices not have billed profile”

hi @tagteamcomputing

you need to go to profile section and modify the necessary requirements needed within the profile and then assign it to the devices , then you will be able to use the respective products

go to Profiles → select the respective profile → clone it → then select the clone profile and edit it → click on right side section of the profile to add features to the profile → enable the section - > save profile
assign the saved profile to the devices

please find below guide for your reference

Thank you. I have looked at the profiles and created a new profile. However, the section that would hold OpenEDR does not have a listing for OpenEDR. How can I know what to add that will not have to be paid for?
It shows:
File Rating
Xcitium Verdict Cloud
Agent Discovery Settings
External Device Control
Script Analysis
Data Loss Prevention
XCS Access Control
XCS Proxy
XCS Updtaes
XCS UI Settings
XCS Logging Settings

What can I enable that will allow me to test OpenEDR without having to pay? When I enable the things that I think are for OpenEDR and assign it to a computer it wont let me do anything until I enter credit card information.

hi @tagteamcomputing

could you please share your account admin email address , error screen shot along with short screen recording of the whole process where you the issue when tried to install XCS also where it asks for credit card information.

If you do not have valid prepaid license for EM/XCS , then the device will be billed for EM/XCS, in case if you has overusage on EM Portal > License Management > Bill Forecast.

Please do share the requested information to us to proceed with further assistance

For some reason the setup with my first email did not work right and allow me to add stuff. Probably because I started that one with Itarian and not open EDR. I created a new account with a different work email and now I am able to install the OpenEDR stuff.

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