Is the project still alive?

Hello. I am a security enthusiast who wants to start contributing to OpenEDR.
I am currently working in a well known XDR solution.
I have a real security background including DFIR, Malware analysis, Tools, POC’s, etc’
At the moment I am in the Linux/Mac dev team in Cynet, Writing in C, C++, C#, Lua.

However, I visited your GitHub and I see almost no activity in the year.
Is the project still alive?

hi @ArielSilver

The project is still live and working.

I am very happy to hear.
Before I make the commitment and start diving into the code.
May i ask why there was almost no life signs in the project GitHub last 12 months?
Am I looking at the wrong repo?

Hi Ariel,

We were continuously developing and releasing but unfortunately those are on our internal repo
not every release goes to github. We were planning to reduce repo’s to github only.
I am happy that you want to contribute, please welcome to our contributors and also help us to continue with Github repo.