Moving to Group

I gave the search a good go, so hopefully I’m not asking something that has already been asked.

And I know the answer will be so simple I’ll look like a buffoon, but here it goes anyway.

Just onboarded. Pushed the OpenEDR msi via Faronics deep freeze cloud. Everything is good to go.

Now I just want to move all the PCs to a group I created by I’m clicking like crazy and can’t figure it out. I’m going to play with it some more and see if i can’t help myself while I’m waiting for an answer here.

Thanks much!

I ended up just going to each device and added them to the group from there. but to be sure there is a way to move a batch of devices to a specific group…

hi @caroliha

You can manage the groups under the device list of the endpoint manager portal.

You can click on owner option under more - > change owner option → provide the username and customer name and click on change.

The devices will be moved to respective customer group

Hello @nivedithab!

I appreciate the assistance but this only changed the owner. I have the labs separated by room number under the same owner. I just want to put each device under its respective group name.

So let’s say Room 110 has 5 PCs, I want to move those 5 PCs to the group named Room110. It can stay under the same owner.

hi @caroliha

Please find below guide to manage the groups.