New Version of OpenEDR is now Live

Hi Guys
we have been busy working away…here is what we did.

  1. We now have removed any third party source code from the agent. Now you have an agent source code that is fully open. Endpoint Detection & Response

2)We enabled the “Xcitium” (Formerly Known as Comodo) platform so that you use this open source product in a “Cloud Platform” (no messing around with ELK etc :slight_smile: ) and for free.

Hi, I am closely flowing this product and am very interested in learning everything from initial setup to enterprise deployment, so can you make documentations and videos available of the platform interface, controls and use case scenarios? I shall also like to add this product to my toolkit and use it in training others as my company is into cyber security training for young people.
Thanks again for this great product!

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There is free training on Xcitium Academy.