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ELK deployment and guideline for Open EDR

Open to ideas as to best ways, please go ahead and suggest.

What is the current process of pushing to ELK? Do I need to install beats?

Yes it is required, tomorrow we are going to push all necessary instructions on the github

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where can i find the details about the baseEventType,baseType,eventType values. I installed and looked at the logs generated. i found baseEventType values 16,20,18,8,7 but not sure about the meanings. Is there any document provided for that enum?

Please first refer here :

the enum and mappings are on the source code as now, I will expose it on some docs soon

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Thank you very much @ozer .i will look into it.

I am unbale to find any relevant deployment guide for OpenEdr can you please point me to correct guide.

Hi Moosa

you can find installation instructions on , for quick start you can email to or signup yourself for free edition All relevant help guides are located here :

Hi all!

Can someone share Filebeat.yml configuration for OpenEDR input? for some reason I cannot decode the json correctly :frowning: