Troubleshooting EDR

Hye everyone.

I just activated my account yesterday, and then began to enroll my computers.

Then, I Installed EDR on a windows print server.

It badly crashed.

Investigating what could have happened, I saw, in the device’s HIPs section, that 2 exe were blocked
The first one is my antivirus, the second is c:\Windows\explorer.exe

Is this the resulting of a bad understanding of the process of enrollment or is there a problem with that server ?

Thx for any help


hi @mnementheb

we need logs to investigate this kind of issue, especially a full memory dump. It would be best to create a ticket so can advise you what logs are required for investigation.

I advise you to drop an email all the details to " " which will automatically create ticket. You will receive automated reply email with ticket number. The follow up process is also will be crystal clear as all you would require is to reply back to the same reply email with your queries and doubts which you receive back.

Thank you

hi @mnementheb

please do share us the ticket # once you have received , so that I can follow up from my side as well.

Thank you!

Hye, due to importance of that server, I had to restore a backup.

Anyway, I didn’t have access to dumps as the computer never restarted.

Sorry for useless question


hi @mnementheb

if you are facing similar issue, request you to drop email to our support email address to investigate further.

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Thank you.