Unable to monitor endpoint

Hi ,
When i installed EDR Agent on few systems and tried to monitor on Dashboard endpoints.

The dashboard is prompting " Please provide credit card payment information "

Since this is Free Tool, Why its prompting me this payment information.

If i install it on onprim , Will this payment information be be removed ?

Please guide

hi @pvssrikanth

We are sorry for the delay in response. We would like to inform that we have updated the billing model for the Xcitium Platform recently and introduced assigned-profile billing. This is designed to make billing clear, controllable, and flexible. There will be no more 50 devices free with Device paid options.

As a reminder, starting April 1st 2024, you will be upgraded to our most recent ITSM platform, and we will now bill separately for the use of our RMM module to the extent you use these features. Specifically, RMM, Patch Management, and MDM modules will now be charged per device.

Kindly check the new ITSM platform document: https://www.xcitium.com/itsm-platform-update.pdf

In order to set default profile without XCS and Device paid options, we recommend cloning the default profile → go to the cloned profile → Sections → Edit → Uncheck Xcitum Client Security XCS and Device paid options → Save the profile → Make Default.

This will help you to have cloned profile as default profile without XCS and Device for device enrolment.

Please make sure that other default profiles are cancelled with XCS and Device enabled.

For more information to clone the profile and manage default profiles, please check with articles below:

Once you updated the profiles without XCS and Device paid options, please share with us the screenshot of Bill Forecast page from Endpoint Manager → License Management → Bill Forecast including the Overuse column.

Please feel free to reach out to your respective customer success manager / customersuccess@xcitium.com , for further clarification required regarding the billing model and other product related queries